Our culture
connect, share and be unique together

We are 40+ highly focused people, working together on a mission to infinity and beyond.

Work hard,
Have fun, and make difference.
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Behind success

"Open communication & build culture together
we cherish both"

Our relax than our rule

Our relax than our rule

"Talent can bring all their abilities to work when they're in RELAX environment"
In U.P., talents do not need any rules, because they know what they need to do, sometimes rules can limit their creation and productivity. In addition, we find our way to bring relax to everyone, not only individually. We believe that talents can show their best performance in a suitable and relaxed environment

Working style

"Our relax than our rules"  is one of our special cultures so that in U.P., We're both active in our physical office and our virtual office. OTANI U.P.'s members can choose flexibility between working remotely or going to the office, still, we keep our communication online as effectively as physically.

Less code less bug

Less code less bug

The code only gets valuable once it works as a part of the great system which brings up benefits for users and our future stakeholders. So, it is necessary to write less code, create fewer bugs, and focus on making the code valuable. Hence, we believe that an excellent developer is one who can "make a lot of values" than people who "write a lot of codes".

Quote - Mr.Harada
I dream a company where people spontaneously encourage each other to have confidence "My work is truly valuable" by our own culture

Let's build up an Unique career journey together with OTANI U.P.

Focus on developing human ability
"Be here once, be able everywhere" We hope to provide you with various skills to adopt with any working environment.
Special working style
By distilling the quintessence of manu working styles, we can create our cultures
Opportunity working at another branch of Otani Trading
In U.P. you not only can learn and meet a lot of international customers, but also have a chance to work in other branches of Otani Trading including Dubai, Japan, Singapore.