Flower Meister International

FMI is global e-comerce portal about selling flowers, allowing vendors and merchants connect directly to each other for flower selling. With smart features, that can support users, FMI promises to bring a close connection between global flower industries.

In Development

Incubation: 2015

Users: Flowers import/export companies

Geographic: Global


flower meister international has a big mission to connect flower industry all over the world, create more and more connections between exporters and importers and shorten the distance between countries in flower trading.

flower meister international also wants to create a good environment so that small farms are able to export their flower's products easily.

Flower Meister International

New features

Beside core features which were proven effective by the success of flower meister Japan, International version will add a few more new features such as contact to suppliers by inquiry or real-time chat...


Still based on "Less is more" concept, design will emphasize on simple but effective in every features. Furthermore, with single page application, every interaction on the page will be even smoother and more friendly for users.

Color palette

RGBA(0, 0, 0, 0.81)





Not only looking better and having more new features, website's ability to protect users' accounts and data will be significantly improved.

desktop website


Support for mobile devices is still an important thing for a worldwide project like flower meister international.


Statistical and analyzing tools are expected to offer more helpful numbers and smarter assessment by applying AI and Big Data technology.

Flower Meister

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