Flower Meister

flower meister is an e-commerce project for flowers that has changed and will continue to change the way Japan flower industry operates.

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Incubation: 2015

Users: Flowers wholesalers, markets, market buyers, shops

Geographic: Japan



flower meister is a website that help farms or flower importer to easily publish flower's information in a vivid way to markets, buyers and shops all over Japan.

flower meister also provides a platform to do flower trading and supports both sellers and buyers particular feature which will help them to do their business effectively.

Flower Meister


Information centralized model that flower meister is aiming for is an important renovation which is significantly changing trading behavior of a fragmented Japan flower industry.


Friendly interface and specialized for users in the industry. Based on "Less is more" concept, the design bring to user the simplicity but still keep the convenience for every feature.

Color palette

RGBA(0, 0, 0, 0.81)






Because it is designed for office users, flower meister website focuses on minimizing time to perform business works and displaying information cohesively.

flower meister on desktop
flower meister on mobile


We develop flower meister application for both iOS and Android platforms. It provides some extensive feature such as notifications which is very helpful for users that are always on the go.

flower meister on mobile


Easy to use and effective statistical and analyzing tools help the companies to always know how the market is changing and they are able to make quick and appropriate adjustment to improve their business.

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