Flower BIZ

Inheriting with more than 30 years of experience in operating the international flower import and distribution process of Otani Group, Flower BIZ was born as an indispensable part to solve all arising problems and become a suitable solution, it’s suitable for importing enterprises as well as Japanese farms.

Subjects: importing enterprises, Japanese farms

Region: Japan


Flower BIZ is a system that helps farmers, shippers and flower importers to manage their processes, from importing/harvesting product, warehouse management, sending invoice to sales management and various statistics to support making strategy of their future business and production.


In Japan, very few processes are digitalized in generic flower business industry. Furthermore, unlike food and agricultural products, flowers are distributed through many levels before reaching consumers. This system firstly promises to reduce analog operations in managing product and sales in order to make our daily works very efficient. In addition, thanks to the ability to connect to flower meister and many other systems in the ecosystem built by the Otani Group, with simple manipulations, users of Flower BIZ can quickly introduce their products to thousands of shops across Japan to explore new routes to sell products regularly.

flower meister on mobile

Technologies Design

List of technologies that we use in this project
- Database: Postgres.
- Backend: PHP, NodeJS,
- Frontend, VueJS, TypeScript
- Server: AWS EC2, RDS, Lambda, S3
- Source code management tools: GIT
With an interface designed scientifically, simple and friendly with mobile devices, the management work which used to take a lot of time and effort has now become very easy, helping businesses focus on operations. production activities.

flower meister on mobile






A comprehensive set of tools for synthesizing, statistics and analyzing data to help businesses master business results, thereby making quick and accurate adjustments to improve the business situation.

Flower Meister

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