The primary mission of Otani U.P. is to be a part of creating new value to our customers in Japan and around the world

A new start

"U.P." stands for "Unique Projects". The meaning of unique is twofold. First, we believe that every customer has unique challenges they face. At Otani, we try to create unique solutions for each customer instead of trying to sell a standardised solution. Second, we strive to create unique solutions that only Otani can create by leveraging the accumulated knowledge and experience within the group.


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Otani Trading was founded in 1922 in the city of Niigata in Northern Japan. For almost 100 years, we have been adopting and evolving to meet the needs of the industry. What started out as a retail business of selling pumps, electrical motors, and other industrial goods has developed into an international trading company offering a full range of engineering services.

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A new chapter was opened in 1997 with the inauguration of the Otani Flower Division. Now with 5 branches across Japan, the Flower Division of Otani is importing cut flowers and foliage from more than 25 countries and supplying customers across Japan.

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At Otani, we are proud to be able to provide Mechanical-, Electrical-, and Software Engineering services in-house without having to rely on third party vendors. This enables us to be in the position to combine software and hardware to create unique automation solutions.

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"Paradigm shift" is a very important keyword for Otani. We try to come up with solutions that change the way our customers do business instead of simply making the current business more efficient.

In some cases, we go even further and try to change the way a whole industry works. flower meister is one of the key projects at Otani and a good example of paradigm shifting a whole industry. With flower meister, we are changing the way flower business is conducted in Japan and provide solutions to different layers of the industry such as Growers, Importers, Auctions, Wholesalers, and Retailers.

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"Thinking Global" comes naturally at Otani having a German President within a Japanese company with almost 100 years of history. Otani U.P. in Vietnam and Otani Trading PTE. LTD. in Singapore marks the beginning of Otani's global expansion.


Alongside with applying IT, high tech machine into management and flower export/import, we are putting a lot of effort into developing flower meister system with the vision of changing the whole Japanese flower industry.

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